Digital Advertising Indoors

Welcome to IndoorConnect, the future of indoor advertising at your fingertips. Our cutting-edge software and technology platform revolutionizes the way advertising companies manage and display digital ads. With IndoorConnect, effortlessly schedule your ads to be showcased on digital screens across various indoor venues, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at the perfect moment.

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How much does IndoorConnect cost?

The monthly cost to use IndoorConnect is based on the number of Digital Signage Players (DSP) you have active during the month. The base pricing for using our scheduler is $100 / mo and each DSP you connect is an additional $50 / mo.

Additionally, you will need to purchase DSP hardware devices which are currently $150 shipped in the United States.

Where is IndoorConnect available?

IndoorConnect is currently only available to companies that are based and operating in the United States.

How long does it take to get started?

Once you complete the quick online registration, you can access your scheduling sotware immediately. You will need to purchase DSP’s from us, and those will ship within 2-business days from the time you order.

Can I use my own Digital Signage Players (DSP)?

This is not recommended. While we can provide you with API documentation, we do not support integrations with other hardware.

Our DSP’s are built on the Raspberry Pi platform. If you would like to source your own Raspberry Pi hardware, we can provide you with our DSP software.

Principled Features


IndoorConnect stands as a beacon of reliability in the digital advertising realm, thanks to our commitment to simplicity and rigorous testing. By keeping features straightforward and ensuring our software undergoes extensive evaluations, we guarantee a dependable platform that consistently delivers, allowing you to advertise with confidence and ease.


IndoorConnect’s platform is designed with intuitiveness at its core, ensuring a user-friendly experience from the start. Its sleek, easy-to-navigate interface simplifies ad scheduling and management, allowing users of all skill levels to effortlessly harness the power of digital advertising. Experience seamless operation with IndoorConnect, where technology meets simplicity.


With IndoorConnect, staying on top of your digital signage network is effortless. Our dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all Digital Signage Players (DSPs), enabling quick status checks at a glance. Additionally, it alerts you about expiring ads, ensuring you’re always informed and your advertiser’s ads are getting maximum exposure.